Solange Khavkine

Fashion Stylist

(917) 838-2428

Solange Khavkine.jpg

As a wardrobe stylist for most of her fashion career, Solange has worked with some of the most luminous names in commercial photography. She works frequently with Martin Schoeller, Andric,  Blaise Hayward, among others. 

After starting as a buyer in high end retail in New York, she moved to magazines as a fashion market editor and as a sittings editor.

As an independent stylist she applies a keen eye and classic aesthetic to shape the ad campaigns for many consumer, catalogue, and luxury clothing brands. 

Solange is dedicated to translating the vision and ideas of photographers, art directors, and designers while helping capture the essence and persona of the brands they serve, all with enthusiasm and a collaborative spirit. She also works closely with designers on their collections and shows.